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Katsuhiko Hayashi

Katsuhiko Hayashi PhD

Cell and Developmental Biology
Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan

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Katsuhiko Hayashi has been a professor at the Department of Stem Cell Biology and Medicine, Kyushu University, since 2014. In 2004, he received Ph.D. from the Tokyo University of Science and joined Yasuhisa Matsui’s lab at Osaka Women’s and Children’s Hospital. In 2005, He joined Azim Surani’s lab at the University of Cambridge as a postdoctoral fellow. In 2009, He joined Mitinori Saitou’s lab at Kyoto University.

Throughout his research career, Hayashi has worked on the understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying germ cell specification and differentiation in mice. He recently developed a culture system that reproduces germ cell differentiation using pluripotent stem cells. With the system, his lab focus on the early differentiation of oocytes from primordial germ cells.
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