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Join our powerful Marketplace partnership and unlock a world of growth and opportunity. Expand your reach, enhance your visibility, and manage your educational offerings effortlessly. Collaborate with us to captivate a targeted audience and maximize the impact of our marketing efforts. Let's propel your success together in the dynamic realm of medical education.

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Multi-Channel Marketing Outreach

Elevate your conference and expand its exposure with our multi-channel approach. Experience the impact of targeted email campaigns, attention-grabbing push notifications, and strategic social media marketing. Boost engagement, reach a wider audience, and make your conference unforgettable.

Speaker Sourcing

By engaging with our strong speaker community, finding the right people for your upcoming conference is only a matter of scrolling through our list.

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CME, CE, & CPD Accreditation

Our medical education experts can assist with the accreditation process for your events and courses in the U.S. as well as the EMEA and APAC regions.

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Leave the technology, marketing, and accreditation to us.
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Present your event to the world!

Through our on-site Learning Management System, you can enhance the quality of your events and tailor them more effectively to your target audience.

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Create and host directly on eMedEvents!

Every event page on eMedEvents offers a simple, streamlined registration process for attendees that provides you with crucial conference success analytics.

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Improve brand awareness and customer loyalty through our registration partnerships and HCP outreach solutions.

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eMedEvents is with you every step of the way, from generating leads all the way to converting them to loyal customers.

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