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Tamas Kurimay

Tamas Kurimay MD, PhD

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

Psychotherapy, Family Medicine

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Professor Tamas Kurimay, M.D., Ph.D, graduated at Semmelweis University Budapest. As a clinician has got a postgraduate specialty in psychiatry, psychotherapy (including family and cognitive therapy), addictology, and rehabilitation, also in supervision. He works in one of the largest regional hospitals in Budapest, (Teaching Department of Semmelweis University) as the head of Buda Family Centred Health Centre. He initiated a family-oriented psychiatric approach, as well as, together with Dr. Tünde Németh, the first Hungarian Baby-Mother-Father Unit into the hospital setting. He is dedicated to develop this program further, to enhance the availability of perinatal services in Hungary and in the region. The hospital and the Centre are affiliated with several universities.

He is affiliated, and a teacher at Eotvos Loránd University and Semmelweis University, Budapest. He is a past president of the Hungarian Psychiatric Association (HPA), currently chair of HPA Committee of Foreign Affairs, Board member of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA), and co-chair of the EPA Women Mental Health Section He is the counterpart on Mental Health of Hungary for WHO. In psychiatry and addiction research, his main interests are how to utilize and influence the bio-psycho-social systems, sports-related topics, and perinatal psychiatry, networks including families. He published more than 70 articles in scientific journals, author and co-author of 26 books and chapters, presented more than 260 lectures in national and international conferences.

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