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Stacey J. Bell

Stacey J. Bell BS, MS, DSc


Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America

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Dr Stacey J. Bell is currently a nutritional consultant located in Boston, MA. From 2005-2008 she was a Research Scientist at IdeaSphere Inc. In addition to creating products for them, she developed a line of over 25 products for Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker, and helped with the development of products for Dr Alan Greene, a noted paediatrician, and Dr Andrew Weil, a well-known expert in the field of alternative medicine. Formerly, she worked for Dr Barry Sears at Sears Labs, as Vice President of Medical Research and Education in Danvers, Massachusetts. She also founded and worked as a chief scientific officer with AFFINTA, Inc a start-up with the aim of producing nutraceuticals. She developed a functional food product, DelightFull, which is a snack bar that contains low-glycemic-load carbohydrates to promote satiety. These bars were available at all CVS Pharmacy stores. Before that she was Vice President of Research and Development for Medical Foods Inc., and Functional Foods, Inc., in Boston, both of which she co-founded. For those companies, she developed several functional food products including NiteBite, which was licensed and sold by ICN Pharmaceutical Company, Costa Mesa, California. NiteBite was a food bar specially designed for the nutritional management of low blood sugar that occurs in type 1 diabetes.

Stacey Bell has been a registered dietitian for 35 years, and has worked in that capacity and conducted clinical research studies for 20 years. She received a doctorate in nutrition from Boston University, with Honors in 1994. For her dissertation, she evaluated the effect of supplemental fish oil on immune function in patients with HIV infection and AIDS. She was on the faculty at Harvard Medical School in Boston and has published over 70 peer-reviewed scientific articles. Her research interests included obesity, diabetes, cancer, AIDS, burned patients, and critical illness. She is a frequent lecturer around the world on many topics related to nutrition and has 6 issued patents. In 2003, she joined the Board of Directors of Wild Oats, a natural and organic grocery store chain. It was a public company with sales of over $1 billion per year when it was sold to Whole Foods Markets in 2007. Dr Bell serves on the scientific advisory board of the California Raisin Marketing Board in Fresno, California, SetPoint Health, Newton, Massachusetts, and Bay State Milling, Quincy, Massachusetts. Until 2011, she served on the Board of a non-profit agency, Kids Can Cook. The program offers basic cooking instruction and nutrition education to Boston middle-school-aged children.
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