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Markus Leser

Markus Leser PhD

Research and Clinical Research

Bern, Bern, Switzerland

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Dr. Leser is currently Director at CURAVIVA - Verband Heime und Institutionen Schweiz. Studied Social Work and Gerontology and graduated with PhD Training in marketing (profit and non-profit sector).His professional ambition and goal: to bring the world of gerontology and the world of marketing into contact with each other.In two years Markus Leser will be celebrating 30 years of professional involvement in the field of gerontology. During this time he has worked in a variety of roles: providing advice to elderly people and their families, as a lecturer at an institute of continuing education and training in gerontology and marketing, as marketing manager for a leading company in Switzerland which creates retirement homes and brings them to market. Within this company he was responsible for the marketing of these homes.
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