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Kevin Doughty

Kevin Doughty BSc, PhD

Coventry, England, United Kingdom

Healthcare Management, Research and Clinical Research

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Dr Doughty has over 30 years of experience in the Aged Care industry ranging from the setting up and running of a Care Home with his wife (a nurse) through to the development of new government strategies for rolling out and promoting Smart Assistive Technologies to an extended range of consumers. His academic career, which began as a Telecommunications and Medical Electronic lecturer at Bangor University in North Wales, has involved the invention, specification, design, prototyping and testing of novel sensors and systems for use by people either in their own homes or in residential care settings. In 1998, he spun out a specialist telecare company, Technology in Healthcare, to provide new systems to develop a range of smart sensors which were awarded Millennium Product status, and MIDAS, the first commercial activity monitoring system that employed the same range of sensors. The company was taken over by the Tunstall Group in 2002 which led to the rapid commercialisation of the sensor range which became the backbone of telecare system deployments in the UK for more than a decade. Subsequently, Kevin joined the new Centre for Usable Home Technology (CUHTec) in 2003 and led their involvement in supporting local authorities, health trusts, housing providers and private care providers to improve assessment methods and their matching of technology to unmet needs and risks.
This led to improved processes for service provision and evaluation and to new models for supporting people with complex needs, and their carers, in community settings. He has a track-record of providing expert advice and training in a wide range of technologies for both strategic and operational staff, and for inspiring audiences across the world to consider technology as a means of empowering consumers and service providers. Kevin is currently working with the Mi Liverpool dallas team to develop a website and portal (Vivo) that will enable professionals and family carers to discover the most appropriate assisted living devices that address the issues that challenge an individual’s ability to live independently. Vivo will provide an evidence-based resource for impartial advice and simplified discovery of products and services that will meet the needs of older and disabled consumers. He also works with the European Telehealth Group to improve and promote an International Code of Practice for services that operate in the Assisted Living Technology space.

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