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Isobel Atkinson

Isobel Atkinson

Panama City, Panama, Panama

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Isobel Atkinson is a British midwife with over 15 years of experience and has worked in the UK and internationally. In the UK she has worked in both the hospital and community settings. Her international work has been in low-resource and remote settings in both Kenya and Panama. The mission work she does is both clinical and educational. Isobel was the Floating Doctors Maternal Health Director for two years; during this time she championed the development of maternal health capacity and resources in Bocas Del Toro, gathered some of the first reliable data about maternal health issues in our area, and wrote many of our comprehensive guidelines.

Isobel has expertise in home birth, advanced neonatal resuscitation, birth in the rural setting, and Global Maternal Health. She is excited to support the WEM/RCE CME course in Panama by lecturing on Global Maternal Health and Birth in the Rural Setting and providing hands-on training during practical training sessions and in the clinic.

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