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Glenn E. Harnett

Glenn E. Harnett MD

Emergency Medicine
Mountain Brook, Alabama, United States of America

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Dr. Harnett founded No Resistance Consulting Group (NRCG) in 2016. NRCG focuses on clinical trial site management and recruitment via a growing and highly motivated network of high volume, geographically diverse urgent care and multi-specialty sites. Prior to starting NRCG, Dr. Harnett spent over 15 years as boots on the ground clinician, establishing himself as a nationally respected physician leader in urgent care.

In addition, he has been an active author and researcher - designing trials, writing trial protocols, performing recruitment feasibility studies, and acting as a principal investigator for numerous pharmaceutical and device clinical trials. NRCG leverages that research experience and deep understanding of urgent care operations to provide confidence to practice leaders who historically had been reluctant to participate in clinical trials.

We start by embedding experienced investigators and/or study coordinators within urgent care practices to reduce the clinic's administrative and time burden - enabling our sites to maximize subject enrollment without adversely affecting the clinic’s normal workflow. Then our dedicated data coordinators work closely with the on-site research teams, IRB, and sponsor to deliver timely and clean data. Our team’s history and credibility within the urgent care industry provide NRCG with an unrivaled network of trial sites that includes the nation’s most respected urgent care operators. Finally, sponsors can confidently tap this under-utilized and subject rich clinical trial resource.

Dr. Harnett also consults regularly with pharmaceutical, lab device, and software companies with business development, educational, and marketing strategies for the Urgent Care industry. Services include recruiting and executing high-level clinical/operational focus groups, conducting KOL surveys, clinical trial site recruitment, clinical trial protocol development, and presenting industry introduction seminars for top executives. He is a sought-after keynote and guest speaker at urgent care venues.