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Anne Grapin-botton

Anne Grapin-botton MSc, PhD

Clinical Pharmacology, Cell and Developmental Biology
Copenhagen, Copenhagen (Hovedstaden), Denmark

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Anne Grapin-Botton has a background in developmental biology and initially studied nervous system and endoderm development. Her laboratory is currently focused on pancreas development with the overall goals of understanding how pancreatic cells differentiate during embryogenesis, and determining what limits the pancreatic cells’ regeneration in adults. More specifically, Professor Grapin-Botton and her group investigate the impact of the cellular and organ architecture on the cells’ fate choices and the dynamics of decision processes. Anne Grapin-Botton is the recipient of several awards and grants including, a Human Frontiers Science Program (HFSP) Long Term Fellowship. Professor Grapin-Botton is a Beta Cell Biology Consortium Investigator, and also serves on the editorial board of the journal Mechanisms and Development.
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