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Abla Al-alfy


Lactation Consultant, Neonatal and Perinatology, Pediatrics
Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

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Dr. Abla Al-Alfy is a courageous advocate for the rights of Egyptian children for optimal early childhood health and development. She was appointed by the president as a member of the House of Representatives year 2021 and joined the Committee of Health Affairs to continue her path of improving child health through education, facing challenges, finding legal solutions, and finding different ways to raise community awareness of child rights. Being a pediatrician with more than 40 years of blended national and international medico-social experience, she founded her unique holistic approach that targets skilled training and raising awareness at both the community and facilities to bridge the gaps in both quality and quantity of medical community serving Egyptian children that resulted in a positive impact on health indicators among the groups her team targeted.

Dr. Abla is a pediatrician specializing in neonatology, graduated from Mansoura University, with merit then received her postgraduate education in the UK, Ireland (DCH, MRCP, FRCP, FRCPCH), and Egypt (MD) and was certified from the US as an Internationally certified lactation consultant. She worked in the Arab region, the UK, and Egypt. Formerly she worked as Ass. Professor at Kuwait University, consultant at Kuwait MOH, and is currently working as a senior consultant in Neonatology and Paediatrics in Egypt.

She is a known figure in medical education and has designed a one-year training program for postgraduate beginners in child health “Fundamental Postgraduate Training in Child Health” which is progressing successfully and gaining a great reputation locally and internationally over the last 6 years. She designed many courses in Neonatology, lactation, Paediatrics, and soft skills., published 13 papers, and presented more than 100 unpublished papers and lectures at national and international conferences. She supervised 20 theses (EPB, Masters, and MD) and contributed to many books on lactation and Paediatrics. Dr. Abla has been hosting the Royal College Examinations for 14 years and the first RCPCH conference in the MENA region targeting gathering academia from the UK to share in improving early childhood development. She is the lead for training for the Egyptian Paediatric Board of the Military Medical Academy.

Dr. Abla received many awards; including the Gold Medal from the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health for her outstanding efforts to serve children in Egypt, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, and the Kuwait Medical Association. In addition, she was awarded by many national and international organizations and the Opera Show for the success story of the first worldwide post-operative survival after the separation of rare craniopagus parasitic twins.

She was nominated as an Ashoka Fellow, in the year 2013, for her dedication to children, her focus on improving the education of Paediatricians, and improving community care of children, After such huge work, she was nominated in early 2019 as "Mother of the Egyptian Children". In the Year 2020, she was invited by the Healthy Children Project to speak about her innovations in the US and was awarded for her work to improve child health in Egypt. She shared with WHO as an editor in writing a chapter on BF for medical students and professionals and sharing as a member of a task-force group working on golden first hour and skin-to-skin care. In addition, she shared many publications, books, and leaflets about breastfeeding, Skin to skincare, and neonatal care.
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