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Middle East North Africa (MENA) Stroke Organization

Middle East North Africa (MENA) Stroke Organization

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Middle East North Africa Stroke Organization (MENA Stroke) is founded by a visionary group of physicians to serve as the active voice for stroke management in the region.The formation of MENA Stroke marks the success of a stroke care improvement initiative that was launched in late 2014. The primary objective of this comprehensive effort was to help promote evidence based stroke management in this geographically and epidemiologically diverse region.

Through the years, MENA Stroke organization has conducted a number of activities to achieve these objectives, and in the process has built a strong network of political and professional allies across the region. This makes it the leading organization in the MENA region in the fight against stroke.

Today, MENA Stroke has over 200 members, and the number is expected to grow exponentially as the organization takes off.

The MENA Stroke Vision will have the following short term and long term goals:
• Improving awareness of stroke and its risk factors amongst general population and health care providers
• Training and education of stroke care providers according to evidence based international guidelines
• Promoting research on regionally relevant and strategic areas in stroke prevention and treatment
• Collaborating with national and international organizations to promote stroke education, training and research
• Influencing public health policies in the MENA region to help prevent stroke and improve morbidity and mortality related to it
• Fostering the development of an international communications system by encouraging activities of organizations, stroke networks and foundations, as they operate within the goals and objectives of the MENA Stroke organization
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