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European Society for Pediatric Dermatology (ESPD)

European Society for Pediatric Dermatology (ESPD)

Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

The ESPD was founded in 1984, when pediatric dermatology was a relatively small speciality. As the specialty has grown, the ESPD has become increasingly important in guiding and supporting Pediatric Dermatology in Europe and further afield. It represents both a hub of clinical excellence, and a focus of social interaction. This combination has given rise to high quality educational events, vital exchanges of clinical expertise, important research collaborations and long-term friendships.

The European Society for Pediatric Dermatology (ESPD) is a professional, independent and non-profit scientific society open to the professionals in the field of dermatology and pediatrics as well as to associated specialities.

The goals of the European Society for Pediatric Dermatology are to promote clinical care, interdisciplinary research, education and training, and to stimulate international contacts within Europe in the field of Pediatric Dermatology.

The Society also holds an international meeting every year - the ESPD Annual Meeting. Scope of the Meetings is alternating between either primary or tertiary healthcare focus underlined by the nature of the selected destination - larger cities or more relaxed destinations.