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United Research Forum (URF)

United Research Forum (URF)

London, England, United Kingdom

United Research Forum is a platform where knowledge and zeal to meet with the vision of educating with the latest scientific and technology-specific innovations and the best implementations for mankind. URF Office is based in Shelton Street Covent Garden, London, UK. Our small and dedicated team brings a wealth of experience in organizing international conferences and events. We are pleased to make the United Research Forum, a place for you to learn from the latest research and practice, to network with colleagues and making the conference a success, providing the opportunity via various forums, scientific events, and summit which connects the world. Bringing the products, making a prototype and bringing people who believe in innovations to not only solving the bottle-neck issues but also update the new technology. Developing the aims to not only getting new inventions on board but to also create a networking platform where science and business meet to satisfy each other and offers the humankind with the best implementable thoughts and products.

Mission and Vision:
UR Forum thrives to achieve, sustain and foster unmatched excellence in providing a solid platform to budding Research Scholars, Academicians and Professionals across the globe to showcase their talents, skills and knowledge. It portends to provide the participants to get acquainted with the latest developments, insights and trends in knowledge and skills, to explore and expound and reach the pinnacle in their career. The success story of UR Forum comprises of the efforts and hard work of intellectuals representing from a variety of research backgrounds from across the globe.

These individuals have had a long journey with the institute exercising their expertise and imparting useful knowledge in the pursuit of creating the knowledge platform to perfection.

This includes high academic profiles who have served in the form of Conference Chairs, Keynote Speakers, Plenary Speakers, and Session Chairs of the Conference, members of the Scientific Reviewing Committee and the Evaluation Panel members. The purpose of organizing the Conferences with the insights and assistance from the mentioned individuals is a means of ensuring the authenticity and the maintenance of quality assuring to align the objectives to the participant needs. We are pleased to make the UR Forum, a place for you to learn from the latest research and practice, to network with colleagues and so making the Forum to forefront of global conference management and to becoming one of the world's leading Professional Conference Organisers. Serving in the sphere of Research Conferences promoting towards the academic industry cohesiveness, UR Forum is initially operating under five main areas on research focus. The prime objective in organizing Conferences under these selected research areas is as a means of addressing the issues that are industry specific and global phenomenon that obstructs the march towards a sustainable future for all beings. In the pursuit of organizing International Conferences maintaining optimum standard, UR Forum functions in constructing the careers of the research fraternity, the corporate world and assisting towards the implementation of evidence-based policies. While attending conferences, getting papers accepted, and access to quality journals are pluses, members find they also benefit from contributing to the Forum in many ways. You can serve in one of URF's Advisory committees and task forces to address important issues such as the Forum's ethics and political statement policy, strategic planning, and much more. This work comes with the benefit of interaction with scholars from all around the world. Through it, we grow intellectually and academically, and we absorb and reckon with global concerns in our field. For many of us, our URF friendships and collaborations have become some of the most rewarding relationships of our lives.