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American Association for Precision Medicine (AAPM)

American Association for Precision Medicine (AAPM)

Belmont, California, United States of America

AAPM is a nonprofit organization on a mission to reduce adverse drug events by accelerating the field of Precision Medicine through research, education, communication, and collaboration to foster new medical breakthroughs.

Through its programs and services, AAPM accelerates dissemination of new research findings among scientists and others dedicated to finding the right drugs, for the right patients, at the right dose, through the right route and at the right time.

AAPM promotes science education and training to facilitate the ‘precision medical care’, based on an individual’s genomic, environment, and lifestyle differences enabling more precise methods to prevent and treat diseases.

AAPM also facilitates a dialogue between the 4-P’ of precision medicine: Patients, providers, public health planers (Government) and payers to work together to achieve the goal of delivering improved outcomes at reduced costs.