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Group B Streptococcal Infections in the Newborn

Organized by :   NICUniversity

Specialities :   Infectious Disease, Neonatal and Perinatology

Conference Summary

Group B Streptococcal Infections in the Newborn is organized by NICUniversity.

Date Released: May 01, 2017
Valid Until: This lecture does not expire.

Target Audience:
This activity has been designed to meet the educational needs of:
• Pediatricians
• Medical Students
• Pediatric, Med/Peds, and Family Practice Residents
• Neonatology Fellows

Program Overview:
Review GBS disease in the newborn. This will include:
• Background
• Microbiology
• Manifestations/Epidemiology
• Pathogenic Factors
• Testing
• Treatment
• Outcomes

Learning Objectives:
After viewing this lecture, the participant will be able to:
• Know the mode of GBS transmission and peripartum risk factors associated with high risk for infection
• Know the major clinical manifestations of GBS (early vs late presentation)
• Know the laboratory testing for GBS: isolation, antigen detection, and susceptibility testing
• Know the treatment of GBS infection
• Review most recent guidelines for prevention of perinatal GBS disease 

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.

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