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Assessment And Intervention Strategies For Bereaved Children

Contact Hours : 30

Organized by :   The American Institute of Health Care Professionals (AIHCP), Inc.

Specialities :   Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

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Assessment And Intervention Strategies For Bereaved Children is organized by The American Institute of Health Care Professionals (AIHCP), Inc..

Credits: Contact hours of education = 30.

Course Information:
This course provides the student already familiar with grief theory and children, a storehouse of hands-on assessment and creative intervention methodologies aimed at helping children who are experiencing loss and grief.  Through a description and comprehensive presentation of a variety of strategies that identify and assess where children are in the grieving process, the student will develop skill in how and when to apply interventions at various developmental stages in a child=s growth. The student is provided with the theory behind an intervention, the rationale for the intervention, and the grief task it addresses.  Full instructions are provided for the effective practice and application of the intervention.  Strategies are presented for individual counseling settings, family sessions and peer support groups.

Course Objectives: 
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
• Describe and apply the major strategies necessary for the effective grief counseling of a grieving child.
• Identify and practice the essential guidelines that grief practitioners must apply in order to be effective.
• Identify the child's bereavement needs.
• Develop and conduct a comprehensive assessment procedure for the bereaved child.
• Identify and implement the elements of an effective treatment plan.
• Review and differentiate among the concepts of grief, bereavement, mourning, disenfranchised grief, trauma, and traumatic bereavement.
• Identify children's bereavement responses at different developmental stages.
• Identify the factors that may cause complicated grief in children.
• Recognize the grief-focused goals that must be addressed in a thorough treatment plan for children.
• Define "closure" in the grief treatment process.
• Identify the elements of care giver interviews conducted prior to working with the grieving child.
• Distinguish between children's grief and adult grief.
• Identify and apply interventions designed to engage the grieving child.
• Identify and apply interventions that help the child express feelings, thoughts and behaviors.
• Identify and apply interventions that help the child deal with the tension associated with grief.
• Help the child identify the important people and safe places in their lives.
• Practice activities that enable the child to understand bodily reactions to grief.
• Identify activities that address "magical" thinking in children.
• Identify and apply interventions which help the child understand the nature of death, its finality, and funeral rituals.
• Plan grieving rituals for children.
• Identify and apply interventions that enable children to process ambivalent feelings toward the deceased.
• Recognize and apply techniques to say Goodbye.
• Apply skills which enable the child to improve coping abilities.
• Apply skills that help the child build self-esteem through the grieving process.
• Recognize interventions especially useful for special issues, such as suicide, cancer, homicide, terrorist attacks and natural disasters.
• Validate the victim-survivor role.
• Apply creative interventions in group settings.
• Practice effective group leadership.
• Formulate an effective curriculum for use with groups and families.
• Identify and apply family oriented interventions.
• Apply skills that help families recognize new family roles and the need for healthy restructuring as the result of death.
• Describe how school personnel can aid grieving children
• Describe the critical attitudes and communication skills necessary for dealing with grieving children.

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  • Contact Hours : 30
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