Japan Medical Association (JMA)

Japan Medical Association (JMA) is an authorized credentialing body that awards the required CME/CE credits for physicians.

CME Credits Required : 60.00 | Licensing Cycle AMA PRA : 3 Years | Category Credits : 0.00

  • 60 CME credits every 3years
  • Recognition Certificate on CME Completion with a 3year term of validity is issued to those who have had a total of 60 or more credits or curriculum codes for 3years in a row (the same curriculum code cannot be added twice)
  • CME Certificate was replaced by a Credit Certificate (an annual report of earned credits and curriculum codes), and a CME Completion Recognition Certificate is issued to physicians earning 60 or more credits and curriculum codes in total (the same curriculum code cannot be added twice).


License Renewal Information:

Note - CME requirements often vary based on the tenure, we keep a track of the authoritative bodies to display the most updated CME/CE credit information. Feel free to reach us out at contact@emedevents.com if you’ve stumbled upon any gaps in the stated information.

For More Information

Please contact the Japan Medical Association (JMA) at https://www.med.or.jp/english/journal/pdf/2011_04/205_209.pdf for additional information.



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