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5 Safety Measures To Follow While Hosting A Medical Conference Post COVID- 19

5 Safety Measures To Follow While Hosting A Medical Conference Post COVID- 19

Posted by Monika Mudumba and Priya Korrapati on July 18, 2020

We are blessed with some great scientists, and a vaccine for Coronavirus will soon be available. Nothing is permanent, and everything has a way to its end. COVID-19 will soon tide over. Offices, industries, grocery stores, organizations will revert to the pre-pandemic stage. Like any other sector, medical organizations will quickly start to resume emphasizing the guidelines and preventive measures, ensuring the well-being of personnel. 

Medical organizers are starting to pave their paths towards hosting an onsite conference. But, hosting an in-person meeting in the world affected by covid-19, needs some significant adjustments and effective planning strategies. 

Here, are five safety measures to follow while hosting a medical conference post-covid-19,

1. Host a Local Conference

In the initial stages, as everything starts to recover slowly. You can begin by hosting a community conference restricting the number of seats in the venue. To present your session for a worldwide audience, build an online meeting portal or a live streaming option.

2. Start with the venue

Venues play a vital role in carrying out a successful conference with a security shield at all stages. You can do this by instructing your venue proprietors on, 

- Disinfecting the whole site

- Installing a temperature checking podiums with the thermal scanners

- Providing sanitizer holders at very nook and corner of the venue

- Seating arrangement with a six feet distance

- Ensuring hygiene near Caffe and the food counters

3. Proactively update your audiences

Staying engaged with your audiences is the key. Respondents, partners, and speakers may have a lot of questions regarding your conference. To keep them aware of your plans, You can either maintain an update log on the website or embed a chatbox and assign a team who would handle it. 

4. Instruct your attendees

Have an emergency plan ready for your attendees. Elucidate all the steps to follow when they feel any discomfort. Install a medical management system to provide the initial first aid. Direct your attendees that conveys safety measures such as, 

- social distancing 

- wearing a mask and gloves

 5. Carry out a risk assessment

Assess the risks and instill the safety measurements accordingly. To mitigate the risks, work closely with the event suppliers. 

Here’s a checklist of hazards that you must consider

- Equipment hazards: Keep away all the electricals such as generators or any wirings out of reach from the attendees and protect the electronics from getting wet.

- Crowd management hazards: As this is the era of the pandemic, say no to overcrowding.

- First aid: To quickly treat an attendee or crew suffering, have the medical team and ambulance ready. 

- Fire accidents: check all the fire extinguishers or renew them to prevent onsite accidents. 

The Health and safety of your attendees and the crew is very crucial. Work closely with the venue staff to eradicate the hazards. Go through WHO and Centres For Disease Control and Preventions for complete COVID-19 guidelines.

While everything is starting to fall into place, you can still leverage your Online conferences. 

For any marketing or conference hosting service, please mail us at contact@emedevents.com.

Stay safe and healthy!!



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