South Africa

People who wish to visit South Africa to attend business meeting, conference, trade fairs, etc. have to apply for a visitors’ visa. Visitor’s permits are issued on entry in South Africa and are for visits of three (3) months and the normal processing period is 10 days.

The documents required for the visa are

  • Passport, (valid for at least 30 days after the intended stay/departure date from South Africa; at least three unused/blank visa pages)
  • Fully completed visa application form-11 (DHA-84)
  • Application form-11 (DHA-84) must be signed by the applicant and signature should match the signature on the passport.
  • Proof of funds (Last 03 month’s bank statement signed and stamped by the bank
  • Letter of invitation from the South African organizers/hosts/companies stating the name, passport number of applicant as well as purpose and duration of visit.
  • Vaccination certificate, (yellow fever)
  • Confirmed return/onward air ticket
  • Two recent (not older than 30 days/1 month) passport size, (35mm x 45mm of the picture) photographs

For further information on visa application, please click the links provided below

South Africa Visa
Visa Tourist Business Student Cruise
Need to Apply Yes Yes
Processing Time 15days 15days
How to apply In person In person
Application Form yes Yes
Passport 6months validity 6months validity
Passport Photos 2 2
Power of Attorney Yes
Itinerary Yes Yes
Company profile Yes
Health Insurance
Bank Statement Yes Yes
Employment Letter yes Yes
Hotel Reservations yes Yes
Tourist Voucher
Personal Invitation Yes
Personal Letter Yes Yes
Business Invitation Yes
MOC / CME / CE Requirements

We are working on requirements.

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