The doctors who want to attend the seminar or conferences in Germany should apply for a Schengen visa. Germany is one of the 26 European countries forming the Schengen Area which have no border controls between them. These countries also issue a common visa, the Schengen visa for stays up to 90 days.

The following is the important information which would help in applying for the Schengen visa:

Important Information

  • Passport has to be issued within the last 10 years and needs to have at least 2 empty pages and 3 months Validity after the scheduled return. Handwritten passports are not acceptable.
  • Passports with observations regarding the front page data cannot be accepted (name observations, validity, date of birth etc.)
  • The Submission of your visa application can be done either by the applicant himself/herself or through any authorized person who bears an authorization letter and photo-ID.
  • The application would be sent to the Consulate the next working day after submission at the Visa Application Centre in Mumbai. Whereas the applications submitted in Pune, Ahmedabad and Goa would be sent to the Consulate a day later to the next working day.
  • Holders of Indian Diplomatic Passports do not need a visa to travel to Germany for a short term visit of up to 90 days.
  • The processing time for certain nationals, including holders of Indian IC (Tibet), Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq and Iran (among others) is at least 10 days.
  • Visa Fees, VFS Service charge & Value Added Service charges, once paid, are non – refundable.
Germany Visa
Visa Tourist Business Student Cruise
Need to Apply Yes Yes
Processing Time 15days 15days
How to apply In person In person
Application Form yes
Passport 6months validity 6months validity
Passport Photos 2 2
Photocopies of the passport first 3 and last 3 pages of the original passport, copy of all visas valid & expired first 3 and last 3 pages of the original passport, copy of all visas valid & expired
Foreign Exchange or Credit card copy yes Yes
Itinerary yes Yes
Health Insurance yes Yes
Bank Statement yes Yes
Employment Letter yes Yes
Hotel Reservations yes Yes
Business Letter Yes
Personal Invitation Yes
Personal Letter yes
Business Invitation yes

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