Any doctor who would like to visit Canada to attend for any conference, meeting or any training, should apply for a Visitor visa and an electronic travel authorization.

The visa application will be processed in a few weeks or even less than that. Once the application is submitted the visa office will review it to make sure that it is complete and it also has the complete required documents. In case, if any application is incomplete then it will not be processed and will be returned.

You need to undergo a medical exam to be allowed to enter Canada. The police certificate is to be provided and the visa office may contact you in case if anything else is needed. Sometimes, you may even need to attend the interview incase if the visa officer decides to conduct the interview. It again depends on the visa officer since most of the decisions are taken without an interview. If your application is approved, then the visa will be stamped inside your passport and incase if its rejected then you will receive a detailed explanation for the rejection.

For further details, please go through the following website:

Canada Visa
Visa Tourist Business Student Cruise
Need to Apply Yes Yes    
Processing Time 15days 15days    
How to apply In person In person    
Application Form yes      
Passport 6months validity 6months validity    
Passport Photos 3 3    
Summary of the financial information   Yes    
Itinerary yes Yes    
Tax Return   Yes    
Bank Statement yes Yes    
Employment Letter yes Yes    
Hotel Reservations yes Yes    
Letter of Invitation   Yes    
Personal Invitation Yes      
Personal Letter Yes      
Business Invitation   yes    

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