Updates and New Recommendations from the Surviving Sepsis Campaign 2017 is organized by PharmCon, Inc. and will be held from Feb 09, 2018 - Aug 09, 2020. 

Credits: 1 Contact Hour(s)

Target Audience: Nurse, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician

The exact societal burden from septic shock in difficult to quantify: millions of individuals in both industrialized and developing nations experience these syndromes each year, the best medical centers in the world have only achieved a 22% mortality rate for, and caregivers as well as patients endure a long-lasting impact from caring from loved ones who have survived sepsis. With an update to the Surviving Sepsis Campaign being published in January 2017, practitioners will need an update on these guidelines.

• Choose a strategy for fluid resuscitation that improves mortality and reduces the risk of complications in sepsis and septic shock
• Recommend effective initiation and discontinuation of vasoactive medications in septic shock
• Evaluate the role of corticosteroids in sepsis and septic shock

Pharmacy Technician
• Describe differences in crystalloids and colloids used for fluid resuscitation in sepsis and septic shock
 Explain the differences between the various vasoactive medications used in septic shock.

Intended Audience

Infectious Disease, Anesthesia and intensive care

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