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Understanding Distal Radius Fractures Course for Physical Therapist

CME : 1
Start Date :  Jan 18 - 2010 End Date :  Nov 01 - 2020

Organized by : - OnCourse Learning Corporation

Specialities :   Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics

Conference Summary

Understanding Distal Radius Fractures Course for Physical Therapist is organized by - OnCourse Learning Corporation and will be held from Jan 18, 2010 - Nov 01, 2020. This CME Conference has been approved for a maximum of 1.00 Hours.

Course Description :
This goal of this continuing education program will be to discuss the causes of distal radius fractures, review relevant wrist anatomy, and describe the healing process of these types of fractures. Therapy after a distal radius fracture can be relatively straightforward or challenging. Conservative and operative treatment options, potential complications, “life after the break,” patient education on fall prevention, and realistic expectations will be addressed.

Course Objectives :
The goal of this continuing education program is to provide therapists with information regarding the epidemiology, relevant anatomy, bony healing process, and complications associated with distal radius fractures so that a successful rehabilitation program can be instituted. After you study the information here, you will be able to:
• List three risk factors for developing a distal radius fracture
• Describe appropriate treatments throughout the various stages of bone healing
• Identify three complications of a distal radius fracture
• Identify ways of addressing distal radius facture complications

Additional details will be posted as soon as they are available.

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  • CME : 1
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