Travel Medicine in the Urgent Care is organized by Master Clinicians.

Altitude sickness, malaria, typhoid, zika, traveler’s diarrhea, cholera, yellow fever, and more. These are the potential danger your patients face when they travel. Learn all the travel tips, guidelines and recommendations from our Urgent Care Master Clinicians Mentor

Know before you Go!
The vast majority of your patients travel and often, they are looking for advice and answers to their concerns. Whether its a safari in Africa, or the Amazon rainforest in Brazil or maybe even to Mt. Everest, clinicians need to know how to protect their patients from potential dangers like altitude sickness, malaria, zika, traveler’s diarrhea, yellow fever, and more. Dr. Frank Illuzzi shares his insight on how to coach the patient and how to keep them safe in this 1 hour lecture.

Learning Objectives:
After completing this activity, the learner will be able to: 

• Learn current recommendations for travel prophylaxis and vaccines.
• Learn proper travel prophylaxis for malaria.
• Learn proper travel prophylaxis for altitude sickness.
• Lear proper travel prophylaxis for travelers diarrhea.


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