The Radiology M and M Meeting : Misinterpretations, Misses, and Mimics is organized by American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) and would be held during Jun 05, 2014 - Jun 04, 2017.

The Radiology M and M Meeting course will share lessons learned from analysis of peer-reviewed data across 11 subspecialties to illustrate errors and mimics that all radiologists should be aware of to improve their diagnostic performance. This course will help you to confidently describe common mimics that occur when interpreting images, implement practice-based strategies for mitigating the occurrence of errors, and define performance improvement strategies. In addition to 10 modules of online lectures, you will also receive the accompanying book at no additional cost.

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to: assess and distinguish common mimics and errors that occur when interpreting the spectrum of imaging studies and formulate plans to improve quality and enhance communication with peers; describe the factors contributing to the occurrence of perceptual and interpretive errors; describe systems barriers to improving diagnoses and increasing communication with peers; apply practice-based strategies for mitigating the occurrence of errors; and analyze personal peer-reviewed data, define performance improvement strategies, and test those strategies in practice.

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