The Advanced and Difficult Airway Course - Online is organized by Provider Practice Essentials (PPE), LLC.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Advanced and Difficult Airway Management

Immersive Online Program

  • Thorough online tutorial of the critical concepts of oxygenation, airway management, intubation, and ventilation
  • Taught by a Physician
  • Learn at your own pace

Master the Basics

  • Learn about airway assessment, preoxygenation, oxygenation, and non-invasive and invasive airway management
  • See techniques for improved airway management
  • Build upon those foundations to apply advanced concepts
  • Thorough lectures provide high level of detail along with lifelong concepts

Combine Airway Management with Decision-Making

  • Identify difficult airways early and learn the correct algorithms for safe management
  • Utilize clinical decision rules to make better medical decisions
  • Improve your understanding of airway management techniques and maximize their use

Extensive Content
10 topics including airway assessment, progressive oxygenation, non-invasive and invasive airway management, intubation, difficult airway management and more!

Airway Anatomy and Assessment

  • Overview of airway anatomy
  • Indications of normal airway
  • Identification of difficult airway characteristics
  • Application of assessment for anticipation

Indications for Airway Management

  • Predictors of airway failure
  • Identification of clinical risk factors
  • When to intervene

Non-Invasive Airway Interventions

  • Progressive Oxygenation
  • Pulmonary Mechanics
  • Measured oxygenation techniques
  • CPAP and BIPAP

Invasive Airway Management

  • Rescue airway interventions
  • Laryngeal mask airway
  • Posterior pharyngeal airway adjuncts
  • Endotracheal intubation

Airway Options

  • Identification and selection of the correct airway device
  • Discussion of equipment options and their uses
  • Preparation for induction and intubation

Intubation Drugs

  • A pharmacology review of induction agents
  • Selection of the best drug combinations for induction
  • Safe decision-making

Induction and Intubation

  • Application of each prior learning topic to provide safe intubation
  • Stepwise, thorough discussion about safe airway induction and intubation
  • Correct techniques for endotracheal tube insertion

Confirming Tube Placement

  • Processes to ensure an endotracheal tube is correctly placed
  • Discussion about reintubation and confirmation
  • Application to difficult airway management

Difficult Airway Equipment

  • Intubating LMA, Lighted Stylet, Light Wand, Video Laryngoscope and more
  • Learn how to select the correct equipment for the situation
  • Double set-up indications

The Difficult Airway 

  • Application of difficult airway algorithms to fit the correct clinical conditions
  • A stepwise process discussion to maximize airway success
  • Indications and procedure for emergent cricothyrotomy


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