STEP: Manualized Treatment for Survivors of Domestic Violence Home Study Presenter

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STEP: Manualized Treatment for Survivors of Domestic Violence Home Study Presenter is organized by TZK Seminars.

Expires: Mar 01, 2022

This Course has been approved for a maximum of 3 CEs Credits.

Survivors of domestic violence have many psychological effects similar to other trauma victim/survivors, particularly those who have experienced gender-based violence such as sexual assault, rape, sexual exploitation, trafficking, and child sexual abuse. Although many different types of psychotherapy and other interventions have been described in the literature, the consensus is that trauma-specific treatment has the best efficacy in helping victims become survivors with new resilience. Using an evidence-based, trauma-specific treatment program, the Survivor Therapy Empowerment Program (STEP-2) helps move victims to a survivor status with a tripartite program.

The three areas are psychoeducation to assist in the understanding of the various trauma responses, a period of discussion where the impact of these trauma responses are understood from an individual perspective, and a skill-building period where new skills are learned and old skills reinforced. The transparent intervention program has 12 units that can be broken down into smaller sessions if necessary. Goals are negotiated with the clients as part of modeling the empowerment process necessary to heal from trauma. Rebuilding lost resilience is included as a part of healing from PTSD.

Learning Objectives:
• Define the elements of a trauma-specific treatment program
• Explain 3 new skills to a domestic violence survivor
• Describe a safety plan a client can use for protection
• Define the important psychoeducation about trauma, PTSD & domestic violence.
• Adapt the STEP-2 program to their own practice

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