Sexually Transmitted Diseases: What Nurses Need to Know: STD/STI Prevention and Treatment is organized by Wild Iris Medical Education, Inc.

Expiration Date: December 1, 2021

Contact Hours: 9

Nursing continuing education course to educate patients on sexually transmitted infections and sexual health. Covers signs, symptoms, prevention, and treatment for the most common STDs/STIs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, genital herpes, syphilis, and HIV/AIDS. Explains epidemiology, modes of transmission, diagnostic methods, treatment options for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and diseases (STDs) (sometimes referred to as venereal diseases).

Learning Outcome and Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, you will be better prepared to care for patients with sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STDs/STIs). Specific learning objectives include:
• Identify recent trends in STDs/STIs.
• Describe the clinical settings in which patients may present with STDs/STIs.
• Discuss the organisms that cause STDs/STIs and their modes of transmission.
• Explain the general diagnostic process and presenting symptoms of STDs/STIs.
• Summarize diagnostic methods, treatment options, and prevention measures for specific infections.
• Describe public health principles and strategies for preventing the spread of STDs/STIs.
• Discuss specific measures for treating victims of sexual assault.
• Explain emotional and psychological issues affecting patients and their sexual partners.

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.

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