Sarcopenia Course for Dietitians is organized by ContinuingEducation.com - OnCourse Learning Corporation and will be held during Jan 01, 2009 - Apr 30, 2020.

The target audience for this medical event is intended for nutrition professionals. This CME Conference has been approved for a maximum of 7.00 CPEU.

Conference Description :
Sarcopenia is not just a disease of the elderly. Muscle loss begins at about age 40, and prevention is the key to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle long into retirement. Sarcopenia has consequences for physical function and mobility, affecting a person’s energy needs and the ability to perform daily activities. Emerging evidence suggests that early intervention through a diet adequate in protein distributed evenly throughout the day in conjunction with a regular program of resistance training are essential behaviors that can counter many of the effects of sarcopenia. This course will define the scope of the problem, the etiology of sarcopenia and the effects of aging on protein muscle metabolism.

Conference Objectives are :
• Discuss the etiology of sarcopenia.
• Discuss the effects of aging on muscle metabolism and muscle action.
• Explain how sarcopenia affects the elderly as well as younger people.
• Describe how protein intake affects muscle metabolism in the elderly.
• Discuss the effects of exercise on the preservation of muscle mass in the elderly.
• Describe how the brain and nervous system become less responsive with age and how that is involved in the development of sarcopenia.
• Explain how illness and inflammation affect muscle mass.
Provide recommendations to adults and older adults for protein intake to offset the effects of sarcopenia.
• List resistance exercises for adults and older adults to prevent and treat sarcopenia.

Additional details will be posted as soon as they are available.

Intended Audience

Nutrition, Geriatrics

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