Resin Infiltration: A Minimally Invasive Treatment Option for Enamel Caries and Cosmetic Defects is organized by Viva Learning™ LLC.

Release Date: 12/13/18
Expiration Date: 12/13/25

Credits:  1 CEU

Unsightly congenital enamel defects and acquired white spot lesions can be troublesome for many patients. Historically, these blemishes have been treated with invasive and costly fillings, resin bondings, and veneers.

Dealing with enamel defects can prove particularly troublesome for young patients, which when left untreated, often become a source of embarrassment for the patient. Or worse, some lesions may progress to cavitations, particularly post-orthodontic white spot lesions. In this CE webinar, Dr. Jeanette MacLean, an advocate for minimally invasive dentistry, will teach you about Resin Infiltration.

Resin Infiltration is a simple and painless option to manage incipient lesion recognized by the American Dental Association’s new Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guideline for Nonrestorative Treatments for Carious Lesions. Resin Infiltration can arrest incipient carious lesions as well as improve or even completely reverse the appearance of congenital enamel defects and white spot lesions while preserving tooth structure and repairing the patient’s natural enamel.

Learning Objectives:
During this CE webinar, we will
• Describe the evidence for using resin infiltration
• Review informed consent, coding, and billing for resin infiltration
• Describe the case selection, materials, and clinical protocol for Icon
• Review the pros and cons of this technique

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available






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