Activity Objectives:

Raising Your Ethical Antenna is organized by National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and will be held from Feb 04, 2017 - Feb 04, 2020.

This session was recorded at NHPCO’s Volunteer Leadership Virtual Conference (VLVC) August 2 2012

Of all the members of the interdisciplinary team, volunteers spend the longest stretches of time with patients and families. Thus, they are uniquely positioned to pick up on issues that may be impeding care or causing conflict. Sometimes these problems involve ethical issues, but volunteers are not well equipped to identify or articulate ethical dilemmas. This lively presentation will provide a working understanding of healthcare ethics and its role in patient care, as well as real-world tools for recognizing and articulating ethical problems. Case examples of The Disappointed Sister, Culture Clash, Drunk and Disorderly, Suffer in Silence? and The Tattling Temp will engage learners and reinforce concepts.

Learning Objectives:
• Define "ethics" and how it operates in the healthcare context
• Recognize ethical problems when they arise
• Articulate the problem using the language of ethical principles
• Use knowledge to improve patient care

Intended Audience

Patient and Family Centered Care, Healthcare Technology

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