Psychosexual Techniques Masters is organized by MasterHealthPro Inc.

The unique course is the first of its kind, providing Medical Professionals an opportunity to learn and practice various skills involving the psychological, psychosomatic, and biopsychosocial aspects of sexual medicine. The course empowers professionals with appropriate skills to understand the core concept of psychosexual problems encountered in clinical practice. The course has been thoughtfully planned crafted and delivered by renowned sexual medicine experts who will provide scientifically evidence-based methods and approaches for healthcare professionals for clinical applications.

Learning Objectives:

  • Psychosomatic Circle of Sex
  • Origin of Psychological Problems
  • Immediate Psychological Causes
  • Conflict-Intrapsychic causes of sexual dysfunctions
  • The cultural genesis of sexual conflict
  • The relationship-dyadic causes of sexual dysfunction
  • To realize the role of counseling in treating psychosexual dysfunctions
  • To recognize the prerequisite conditions and skills involved in effective counseling for psychosexual dysfunctions
  • To understand the different approaches used in counseling for psychosexual dysfunctions
  • To identify suitable approaches for specific problems

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the psychological components in the psychosomatic circle of Sex
  • Understand the various psychological factors, like immediate and deep-rooted causes of sexual problems
  • Assessment of circumstances of the development of the Sexual Dysfunction
  • How to plan intervention
  • Process-orientated therapeutic procedures
  • Behavioral exercises to be instructed


EmbryologistPsychologistsEndocrinologistsStudentsUrologistsObstetrics and Gynecology PhysiciansGeneral SurgeonsPsychiatrists


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