Psychopharmacology Update for Clinicians, Part 1

By Professional Psych Seminars (PPS)

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Psychopharmacology Update for Clinicians, Part 1 is organized by Professional Psych Seminars (PPS).

Published: Jul 2017

• 6.0 Credits

Course Description:
This class presents the latest in knowledge and practice in psychopharmacology and is much more than an excellent, clinically based review of medications. You will obtain the information and tools to help clients struggling whether to take or continue medications, experiencing side effects, and/or feeling frustrated with prescribing providers.This class will increase your ability to help clients benefit from medication. You will understand for which conditions medications can be highly beneficial, and when less likely so. You will learn about the side effects that most commonly cause clients to stop medications, which are potentially dangerous, and how to work collaboratively with prescribing practitioners. You will learn about medications in a wide variety of conditions. Throughout the two days, clinical examples will be provided to illustrate the use medications. Part 1 covers the following items: How psychiatric medications work & common misunderstandings. Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder, including with vulnerable populations- youth, pregnant women, co-occurring substance use disorders, and the elderly; Treatment of Bipolar Disorder, and in particular, treating clients in a depressive episode; Treatment of Psychosis and other uses of atypical antipsychotic medications; Effective collaboration with prescribing practitioners.

• Identify the current top-line medications for treating major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder (manic and depressive episodes), and psychosis.
• Describe 10 common side effects of these top-line medications, including strategies for managing these side effects, and identifying which are potentially dangerous.
• Distinguish between conditions and disorders with strong and weaker data supporting use of medications.
• Describe 4 key “pearls and pitfalls” of treating clients with bipolar disorder in a depressive episode.


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  • Credits : 6


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