Profiling Mentally Ill Mass Murderers Home Study

CEs : 3
Start Date :  Feb 03, 2020End Date :  Mar 01, 2022

Organized by :   TZK Seminars

Specialties :   Psychiatry

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Conference Summary

Profiling Mentally Ill Mass Murderers Home Study is organized by TZK Seminars. This course has been approved for a maximum of 3 CEs Credits.

Expires: Mar 01, 2022

Course Description:
Profiling Mentally Ill Mass Murderers is an introductory seminar to the problem of spree killers. The spree killer, whether or not impacted by mentally illness, is a considerable scourge upon society. Factors like easy access to guns by dangerous mentally ill, inadequate commitment laws,the inability to predict dangerous behavior, and media frenzy, contribute to an increasing death toll. This seminar uses case studies to highlight the role played by diagnostic assessment (suicide by cop, psychopathic behavior, PTSD, major mental disorders), inadequate prevention civil and gun policy strategies, and stigmatization of the mentally ill as dangerous.

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

• Distinguish spree killers from serial killers,psychopaths, and antisocial personality disordered killers.
• Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the profiles for mass murderers.
• Identify screening criteria to use in your practice to assess risk for spree killing.
• Identify why we should prohibit access to weapons by mentally ill persons who have been previously civilly committed.
• Identify three strategies to deter spree-killing behavior.

✔Risk Assessment
  Risk Assessment
✔Suicide Assessment & Prevention
  Suicide Assessment & Prevention
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  • CEs : 3
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