Preserving the Buccal Plate of Bone During Extractions is organized by Viva Learning™ LLC.

Release Date: 12/14/18
Expiration Date: 12/14/25

Credits: 1 CEU

Learning Objectives:
During this CE webinar, we will review the following objectives:
• Understand the difference between cutting bone with a conventional bur, bone saw and piezo technology
• Identify which piezo tips are appropriate for each procedure
• Demonstrate settings for different densities of bone found in the mouth
• Describe the technique for using the Cube during extractions to help preserve the thin buccal plate of bone for future implant placement
• Explain how using a piezo will conserve bone harvesting for block grafts compared to a conventional rotary instrument
• Appreciate the safety of using a piezo close to vital soft tissue structures including the posterior superior alveolar artery and the mandibular canal
• Understand how to minimize sinus membrane perforations by using the piezo to make the lateral window for a sinus bone graft 

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.






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