Activity Objectives:

Pennsylvania Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting, 2nd Edition is organized by Western Schools and will be held from May 22, 2017 - May 22, 2020. This Conference has been approved for a maximum of 2 Contact Hours.

This course offers an overview of the historically evolving role of mandated reporters and a description of child welfare services in Pennsylvania. It provides nurses with details of the legal requirements imposed on mandated reporters of child abuse. The course defines the statutory (legal) components of child abuse, including what does and does not constitute child abuse. The course outlines the provisions and responsibilities for reporting such abuse by distinguishing between individuals designated as “mandatory reporters” and those deemed to be “permissive reporters.” Clear instructions are provided for navigating the reporting process, and the ways in which reporters are protected under the law are outlined. Lastly, the course details the indicators essential to recognizing abuse. Human trafficking is also addressed, including child labor trafficking and sex trafficking, and the risk factors and warning signs for both. The course provides nurses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with the knowledge and tools they need to fulfill their legal responsibility to report suspected child abuse.

This course fulfills the requirement that all Pennsylvania nurses complete 2 hours of Board-approved continuing education in child abuse recognition and reporting requirements as a condition of their license renewal.

Course Objectives:
• Describe the evolution of child protection legislation in the United States.
• Describe the child welfare system in Pennsylvania.
• Identify the components and categories of child abuse as defined by Pennsylvania law.
• Describe the provisions and responsibilities for reporting suspected child abuse in Pennsylvania.
• Recognize the indicators of child abuse.

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Pediatrics Child Abuse

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