Program Summary

PracticalCME’s Sclerotherapy Training course offers the finest on-demand online Cosmetic Sclerotherapy of the Legs training offered anywhere.

  • 8.0 AMA Category 1 CME Credit Hours

  • Option to add live hands-on training date to previously purchased online class

  • Full coverage of the latest costmetic sclerotherapy protocols

  • Stop and Resume the course at your leisure

  • Customizable Forms and Consents Included.

  • Printable certificate upon course completion.


Course Agenda

Anatomy and Physiology of Superficial Veins of the Legs

  • The Specialty of Phlebology

  • Venous Anatomy

  • Distinguishing Cosmetic vs. Medical Venous Reflux

  • Transillumination of Reticular Veins

  • Planning Your Treatment Course

  • Taking a Patient History and Identifying Risk Factors

Performing the Treatment

  • Historical Sclerosant Agents

  • Why Saline is no longer used

  • Modern Sclerosant Agents

    • Sclerodex

    • Glycerin

    • Detergent Agents (STS and POL)

  • Technique of Painless Spider Vein Injection

  • Transillumination

  • Foam Sclerosants

  • Technique of Painless Reticular Feeder Vein Injection

  • Handling Complications

  • Supplies Needed

  • Patient Consent

Review of Other Treatment Modalities

  • Use of Lasers in Spider Vein Treatment

  • Introduction to Large Vein Treatment

Practice Tips and Tricks

  • Customizable Office Forms for History, Consent, Treatment Record, Patient Instructions

  • Setting up your Practice

  • Treatment Packages and Pricing

Intended Audience

Aesthetic Medicine, Family Medicine

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Activity Fee : USD $1295.00

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