Nicotine Addiction: From Tobacco to E-Cigarettes is organized by Western Schools and will be held from Apr 20, 2017 - Apr 20, 2020.

The use of e-cigarettes (also broadly called "electronic nicotine delivery systems" or "electronic smoking devices") is a new tobacco consumption phenomenon in the United States, China, and many other countries. There are numerous economic, social, physiologic, medical, legal, and political issues on the production, marketing, sale, use, and regulation of e-cigarettes. There are also many questions regarding their safety and long-term health effects. For healthcare providers, a basic knowledge of e-cigarettes is needed so that accurate and up-to-date scientific information can be provided to patients.

This intermediate-level course begins with a history of tobacco, its availability, and the health effects of tobacco products then progress to a detailed discussion on the key aspects of e-cigarettes. The main goal of this course is to provide factual information on tobacco as well as the development, features, use, and positive and negative health effects of e-cigarettes. At the end of this course, clinicians will be able to compare the harms and benefits of tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Additional details will be posted as soon as they are available.

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Addiction Medicine, Respiratory Therapy

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