Nerve Damage Related to Implant Dentistry: Incidence, Diagnosis, and Management is organized by Dental Learning Systems, LLC and will be held from Nov 01, 2018 - Nov 30, 2021.

The target audience for this medical event is for Dentists. This CME Conference has been approved for a maximum of 2.00 Self Study Credits.

Proper patient selection and treatment planning with respect to dental implant placement can preclude nerve injuries. Nevertheless, procedures associated with implant insertion can inadvertently result in damage to branches of the trigeminal nerve. Nerve damage may be transient or permanent; this finding will depend on the cause and extent of the injury. Nerve wounding may result in anesthesia, paresthesia, or dysesthesia. The type of therapy to ameliorate the condition will be dictated by clinical and radiographic assessments. Treatment may include monitoring altered sensations to see if they subside, pharmacotherapy, implant removal, reverse-torquing an implant to decompress a nerve, combinations of the previous therapies, and/or referral to a microsurgeon for nerve repair. Patients manifesting altered sensations due to various injuries require different therapies. Transection of a nerve dictates immediate referral to a microsurgeon for evaluation. If a nerve is compressed by an implant or adjacent bone, the implant should be reverse-torqued away from the nerve or removed. When an implant is not close to a nerve, but the patient is symptomatic, the patient can be monitored and treated pharmacologically as long as symptoms improve or the implant can be removed. There are diverse opinions in the literature concerning how long an injured patient should be monitored before being referred to a microsurgeon.

Learning Objectives:
• Discuss and differentiate between signs of nerve damage
• Explain when to refer a patient to a microsurgeon if there are altered neural sensations
• Describe techniques that will help to avoid nerve injuries

Intended Audience

Dentistry, Aesthetic Medicine, Emergency Medicine

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