Monkeypox: A Clinician Guide is organized by eMedEd.

Program Overview:
“Monkeypox: A Clinician Guide” is an online presentation aimed at equipping clinicians and other healthcare professionals with the introductory knowledge required to identify suspected monkeypox cases that may appear within their own practices. Course content includes relevant background information, epidemiology, a look at the outbreak’s current prevalence, common symptoms, modes of transmission, recommended PPE, treatment options, and the ongoing public health measures being taken to prevent further spread. 

This CME course is presented in the form of a slideshow that features a video broadcast of the instructor, with each important point outlined on every slide for reference while the instructor provides additional details. The combination of visual and aural elements promotes information retention, with each verbal addition provided in clear and easily understood language.

Course Objectives:
The purpose of this activity is to provide an introduction to monkeypox, which will furnish participants with the means to: 
• Understand the history of monkeypox and its common modes of transmission 
• Recognize onset symptoms following incubation 
• Discern each phase of infection, including the contagious period 
• Enact proper isolation protocols
• Identify treatment options and the available vaccines
• Know what to expect as we learn more about the virus


Monkeypox: A Clinician Guide

Duration: 30 mins


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