Marketing Your Massage Practice: Staying A Step Ahead of the Competition Course

Contact Hours : 4

Duration :  3 Minutes

Organized by :   HomeCEU

Specialties :   Massage Therapist

Fees Fee :   USD 65

Conference Summary

Marketing Your Massage Practice: Staying A Step Ahead of the Competition Course is organized by HomeCEU. This Course has been approved for a maximum of 4 contact hours.

Target Audience:
Massage Therapists.

Course Description:
Without marketing there would be no way for a practice to build a client base. The competitive nature of the massage therapy industry makes smart and efficient marketing that much more important.

Whether you are a current massage practice owner, an aspiring massage entrepreneur or someone simply interested in marketing this course was designed to meet your needs. Having the knowledge available in the course will certainly change the way you think about marketing your practice and the strategies you choose.

This course includes everything from setting up a marketing plan to choosing marketing strategies. As an overview of the marketing process and options available to massage therapists, this course is a must for any massage entrepreneur. 

Course Goals:
This course is intended to instruct the professional through a study on marketing your massage practice.

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, the participant will be able to:
• Describe the importance of and steps to complete a thorough market analysis
• List the components and steps to conduct a thorough S.W.O.T. analysis on your practice
• List the strategies available to deal with business competition
• Identify which marketing channels would be beneficial to your practice
• Describe the components of effective marketing products
• Describe the marketing strategies you can use to market your practice
• List the advantages to online marketing
• List the ways to reward client loyalty and referrals
• Explain how to incorporate your marketing plan into the daily operations of your practice 
• Identify the steps needed to conduct cost benefit analyses on your marketing decisions
• Use marketing statistics to make informed marketing decisions
• List the techniques that you can use to manage the impression made by you and your practice
• Describe how to conduct and follow up on a business conversation in a networking setting

Additional details will be posted as soon as they are available.

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  • Contact Hours : 4
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