Investigating Bulimia Nervosa (BN): a Deeper Examination is organized by Dietitian Central

Live Event Date: Jun 23, 2020
Expiration Date: Jun 23, 2023

Bulimia nervosa (BN) is often recognized by cleanup actions like self-induced vomiting. While purging becomes part of BN, it also consists of binge eating and other psychosocial parts. Every eating disorder (ED) differs between individuals. In this webinar, BN will certainly be covered, particularly in addition to how it associates with various other EDs. Topics covered include analysis standards, signs and symptoms, impacts, treatment techniques, and nourishment therapy for BN. Case studies will be analyzed to provide more details and also aid in applying what is discovered to practice. The objective of this webinar is to help dietitians with numerous ED experience degrees-- to enhance understanding for those beginning to learn more regarding EDs and also BN, as well as to give more info to those currently in ED technique.

Upon effective completion of this one-hour training course, the participant ought to have the ability to:

•  Acknowledge analysis requirements and signs of bulimia nervosa (BN).
•  Differentiate between BN and various other eating disorders (EDs).
•  Identify various behaviours particularly connected with BN.
•  Understand treatment and nourishment counselling methods for BN versus various other EDs.


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