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Imaging and prostate cancer: Diagnosis, treatment and monitoring and Finzi prize

Start Date :  Feb 05 - 2021 End Date :  Feb 05 - 2021

Organized by :   The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM)

Specialities :   Radiology, Oncology

Conference Summary

Imaging and prostate cancer: Diagnosis, treatment and monitoring and Finzi prize is organized by The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) and will be held on Feb 05, 2021.

About this event:
Join us for this highly commended one day online teaching course for a chance to delve into the entire patient journey from suspected prostate cancer to the advanced disease. This is also a chance to hear shortlisted candidates present their research for the Finzi Prize.

Using a framework of definable clinical states, you'll learn the value and uses of MRI and PET/CT imaging in prostate patients. The teachings will focus on how imaging can help advance clinical care rather than just imaging technologies. You'll also discover how next generation imaging technologies can contribute to the personalisation of care.

During this session, you'll be able to:
• Know in detail the pathological states, problems of categorisation, and clinical needs during the entire patient journey
• Understand how imaging can help meet clinical priorities and so promote the personalisation of care in advancing clinical states
• Show how next generation prostate imaging such as multiparametric MRI and MRI-directed biopsies, and whole-body MRI and PET/CT assessments with clinical biomarkers can create
• opportunities to support and manage pathways of patients

Additional details will be posted as soon as information ia available.

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