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Historical perspectives on clinical neurology

Start Date :  Feb 17 - 2021 End Date :  Feb 17 - 2021

Organized by :   The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM)

Specialities :   Neurology

Conference Summary

Historical perspectives on clinical neurology is organized by The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) and will be held on Feb 17, 2021.

About This event:
This webinar will provide new insights into the recent creation of a clinical neurological specialty and the development of new treatment options for migraine. 

Learning objectives include:
• To know the recent history of discoveries about the functioning of the autonomic nervous system in health and disease
• To understand the factors involved in the development of a clinical specialty, with clinical autonomic neuroscience as the exemplar  
• To understand the relationships between clinical and laboratory research with reference to diagnosis of and therapies for migraine in the recent past  
• To learn about the development of specific therapeutic strategies for migraine, especially calcitonin gene related protein  

The History of Medicine Society was founded in 1912 by Sir William Osler, its first President. These talks continue to reveal the importance of learning from the lessons of the past to apply to the present and future. The Society reaches out, inter alia, to clinicians of every specialty (including students), medical scientists, health care professionals, and other interested professionals and members of the general public (e.g. journalists and teachers).

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.

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