Conjunctivitis: A Sight for Sore Eyes is organized by PharmCon, Inc. and will be held from Jul 21, 2016 - Jan 21, 2019.

Credits: 1 Contact Hour(s)

Target Audience: Nurse, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician

Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is very commonly misunderstood by the general public and is an often misdiagnosed ocular condition by primary care practitioners. This diagnosis involves three distinct pathologies: allergic, bacterial, and viral conjunctivitis. Mis-diagnosis can result in chronic patient symptoms and discomfort. It is important that pharmacists are aware of the need for proper diagnosis and are comfortable with the most effective topical treatment for each type of conjunctivitis. Patient education and treatment counseling is key to success. 

• Differentiate (including causes, signs, & symptoms) between the 3 most common types of conjunctivitis: bacterial, viral, & allergic.
• Identify the most common and effective eye drops used to treat adults and children with bacterial conjunctivitis.
• Review the topical and palliative treatment of viral conjunctivitis.
• Describe both over the counter and prescription treatment of allergic conjunctivitis.
• Review prevention and patient counseling tips.

Pharmacy Technician
• List the three most common types of conjunctivitis.
• List over the counter, and prescription medications to treat those types of conjunctivitis

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