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120 Minutes

Evidence-Based Strategies for Weaning From Mechanical Ventilation is organized by Western Schools.

Release Date: September 5, 2017
Expiration Date: September 30, 2020

This course provides a comprehensive coverage of scientific and clinical evidence for successful weaning from mechanical ventilation for respiratory therapists. Major topics in this course include: indications for mechanical ventilation, factors affecting readiness for weaning, clinical considerations, criteria for weaning and discontinuance, monitoring parameters and adverse reactions, progressive withdrawal of mechanical ventilation, and spontaneous breathing trial (SBT), SBT procedures and SBT failure. Clinical practice exercise with discussion are also included at the end of this course. Pre-test and post-test questions are used to assess learning outcomes. A list of references is provided as a guide for additional reading.

Course Objectives:
• List the indications for mechanical ventilation.
• Describe the factors affecting the readiness for weaning from mechanical ventilation.
• Describe the criteria and thresholds for weaning from mechanical ventilation.
• Describe the criteria and thresholds for discontinuance from mechanical ventilation, including the calculation and interpretation of the rapid shallow breathing index.
• Describe the ventilator mode for progressive withdrawal of mechanical ventilation.
• Outline the procedure for spontaneous breathing trial.

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Target Audience

Emergency Medicine, Respiratory Therapy


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Emergency Medicine, Respiratory Therapy

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