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Echinacea and Garlic Supplementation

Contact Hours : 2
Start Date :  Dec 15 - 2017 End Date :  Dec 31 - 2020

Organized by :   Western Schools

Specialities :   Medicine

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Echinacea and Garlic Supplementation is organized by Western Schools and will be held from Dec 15, 2017 - Dec 31, 2020. This Course has been approved for a maximum of 2 Hours.

Course Description:
Echinacea is a plant in the Asteraceae or daisy family (Figure 1) commonly known as coneflower. Three species of Echinacea are used medicinally and are used in dietary supplements. Garlic has been used to protect against plague, jaundice, convulsions, hemorrhoids, and melancholy (Culpeper, 1990). The bulb is always chopped or pounded and then taken in food or honey or made into a syrup. Garlic juice boiled in milk was drunk to expel intestinal worms (Grieve, 1971). Early American Eclectic physicians placed poultices of garlic cloves along the spine and on the chest of infants suffering from pneumonia and drops of garlic-infused olive oil in the ears for earache and deafness (Felter and Lloyd, 1983). It was also used during World War I and World War II to prevent gangrene (Block, 1985). In Traditional Chinese Medicine, garlic bulbs with purple skins are thought to demonstrate the most effective action against microbes and amoebic infection (Bensky and Gamble, 1993).This course will discuss the uses, effectiveness, and safety of Echinacea and garlic.

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.

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  • Contact Hours : 2
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