Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing is organized by International Society of Nurses in Genetics (ISONG).

Start Date: 07 Nov 2018
End Date: 05 Nov 2021

Who Should Attend?
Clinicians who have patients who have or may come to them with direct to consumer genetic testing results
• Anyone who has pursued or is considering direct to consumer genetic testing
• Anyone who is interested in genetic testing for ancestry

ISONG and ANA-NY are collaborating to provide this learning activity.  Nurse participants completing the activity and the evaluation tool will receive one (1) continuing nursing education contact hour.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide the learner with fundamental information regarding the rapidly growing field of direct to consumer testing. The goal is to provide learners with a strong foundation as well as resources to find additional reputable information. Topics for discussion include:
• What direct to consumer genetic testing is and why it has become so popular
• Applications of direct to consumer testing and the type of information they can provide
• How the testing works
• The strengths and limitations of direct-to-consumer testing
• Factors that can impact results
• Implications of direct-to-consumer testing on health care. Case studies from several clinical settings will be provided.

After this presentation attendees will know/learn:
• Interpret direct to consumer genetic testing results in light of relevant personal and lifestyle characteristics.
• Understand the strengths and limitations of direct to consumer ancestry tests.
• Evaluate the real or potential ethical, legal, social, and financial implications of direct to consumer testing.