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Diet, Exercise, and Fitness The Essentials of Sports Nutrition Course for Dietitians

CME : 10
Start Date :  Aug 01 - 2011 End Date :  May 31 - 2021

Organized by : - OnCourse Learning Corporation

Specialities :   Nutrition, Sports Medicine

Conference Summary

Diet, Exercise, and Fitness The Essentials of Sports Nutrition Course for Dietitians is organized by - OnCourse Learning Corporation. This Online CME Conference is held Aug 01, 2011 - May 31, 2021.

The target audience for this online medical event is Dietetics/Nutrition. This online CME Conference has been assigned for a maximum of 10.00 CPEU.

The mission of this sports nutrition training continuing education session is to present a significant review of the elements of evidence-based sports nutrition practice, required in assisting the athletes to implement safe and efficient nutrition interventions to promote optimal performance and overall health.

Conference Objectives are :
• Explain the methods to intensity, duration, and fitness level influence the type of fuel used by the muscles for energy
• Describe the relationship of carbohydrate intake and endurance training to performance
• Plan and prepare the following for an athlete: a pre-exercise meal, a training diet, a carbohydrate-loading diet, and intake during and after the competition
• Explain the advantages of fat use during exercise, and the pros and cons of a fast-loading diet
• Assert the protein requirements for athletes and explain why goals may be different for athletes
• Outline three causes why amino acid supplements are not necessary to increase performance
• Determine suitable fluid replacement to prevent dehydration and maximize performance
• Describe the role of exercise for weight control, body composition, energy metabolism, and in eating disorders
• Determine which ergogenic aids are advantageous and which are worthless
• Consider some nutrition beliefs and approaches that may constitute quackery
• Plan a training diet that meets the calorie, carbohydrate, protein and fat requirements of an athlete based on age, sex, weight, height, training goals, and sport
• Explain the methods on how relative energy efficiency in sport (RED-S) and the female athlete triad (FAT) compromise the athletic performance and what health consequences can result from them.
• Assess prevailing sports nutrition research in preparation for the Commission on Dietetic Registration Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) exam

Additional details will be posted as soon as they are available.

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  • CME : 10
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