Cultural Competency Course

CE : 2
Start Date :  May 02, 2020End Date :  Nov 01, 2022

Organized by :   echelon

Specialties :   Healthcare Management

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Cultural Competency Course is organized by echelon.

This course is accessible until 11/1/2022.


Cultural competence has become a major focus for healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities alike. This course discusses communication barriers as well as healthcare disparities that may occur in healthcare interactions with various racial and ethnic populations. This course is designed to broaden healthcare professionals’ knowledge and skillsets utilized in culturally sensitive healthcare delivery.

• Discuss values and preferences of individuals from various ethnic groups and cultures.
• Describe how cultural, language, and religious diversity impact the access to and the delivery of healthcare.
• Identify Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) standards and their purpose.
• Distinguish various abilities on cultural competence continuum scale.
• Review constructs of several cultural competence models and theories.
• Compare the similarities of various cultural competency assessment models for assessing patients from diverse cultures.
• Utilize key components of various cultural competency assessment models to provide comprehensive and culturally competent care.
• Discuss the nine critical domains used for measuring cultural competence, as defined by HRSA's Cultural Competence Committee.

Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.

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  Cultural Competency
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  • CE : 2
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